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Lincoln Street, Wayland, MA Transitional Home Renovation

This beautiful suburban Boston home is located on a wooded site on the edge of a steep slope. While the entry to the home is level and low in profile, the opposite side is dramatic and seems much higher in scale. The entry has a long, low curved canopy offset by a tall narrow, reverse slope dormer tower. The let side of the home has an enclosed porch and a octagonal home office with a deck above it. The living room is a 2 story reverse gable roof that opens both the lower and upper living areas to the magnificent views of the blue hills. The back sloping gable roof seems to soar over the back yard. At the end of the patio is a hot tub, perched at the edge of the woods. Inside, the second floor of the living area is pulled back from the glass wall to allow additional light and towering views to the lower living room.

Lincoln Street, Wayland